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Spring Rites!

Feast of Abundance and Korethaleia

March 21st and 22nd, 2020

At Isis Oasis in Geyserville, CA
A Lesser Eleusis event. A taste of the Greater Eleusis —
the Cauldron’s Living Mysteries. 

A time beyond time, a place beyond the mundane, a temple of devotion to the Goddess, Her family, and her tribe. Enter these halls and lay aside the concerns and stresses of life.

The Cauldron’s Living Mysteries of Eleusis has been offered in the past as a two year initiation cycle. It includes in-person festivals, the building of intimate community, a powerful process of self-exploration and interpersonal relationship. Ancient Greek mythos serve as a template for what matters in today’s world.

These beautiful and vital teachings are offered in regard to humanity’s relationship to Earth, Each Other, and All That Is. In order for this experience and wisdom to be more widely available, the first festival, the Feast, and the second, Korethaleia, are open to all.

The Feast and Festival may be attended as a part of the longer two year initiation into the Living Mysteries, or may be attended as a unique experience, without committing to the Greater Initiation. Attend either the full Festival weekend, the Feast evening alone, or choose the Mysterious Pathway of Initiation! If you have been curious about Initiating with us in the past, this would be a way to get a taste of the experience. You may decide about the commitment at a later time.

Kore's blossoming, her birthday party, a Lesser Eleusis, at Isis Oasis

In Geyserville, CA

A family-friendly event by Magickal Cauldron and Isis Oasis

Out of winter’s dark chill
vulnerable and vital tendrils rise up
from the deepest part of Earth Our Body 

Kore — the maiden, renewed each year, at Vernal Equinox.
Thaleia — blossoming out.
In ancient Greek mythos, Kore is daughter of Demeter, the Mother Goddess of Earth and foundation of life.
Korethaleia, Kore’s blossoming out, her coming of age. Her birthday.

 You are invited!
awaken to innocence, the Child Within, informing your heart
Walk in Wonder

❀ Offerings of potted bulbs, flowers, icons welcome ❀

Inquire about the Living Mysteries of Eleusis, the Greater Mysteries,

a 14 month Initiatory Cycle, beginning in a Virtual Temple on January 12th, 2020. Email to attend the Virtual Temple opening at 2:30 pm Pacific Time.

Register here for the Spring Rites!



Past Events

PantheaCon 2019 — February 15-18, San Jose Doubletree Hotel

Magickal Cauldron hospitality room 

          Friday: 5:30 pm — 

                          The Cauldron is a-simmering with potential. Interested in Ancient Greek Mysteries? Please attend!

                  Meet and Greet the Ones who offer you breath and body, the Living Mysteries of Eleusis.

                  Be regaled with stories and the delight of Dio’s night rite. 

          Saturday: 12:30 pm — 

                  Tea with Motherbear 

                  Known as the Poet Priestess, High Priestess of Magickal Cauldron and CAW, Elder Priestess of Isis/ TOC and FOC.

                  The Cauldron offers initiation into the Living Mysteries of Eleusis, & Korethaleia, a Lesser Eleusinian.                   

Come together in communion, intimate sharing, journey, and discovery.

Sunday: Noon — 

                  Sing. Sip. Savor.  

                  Every Round Goes Higher, Higher, Motherbear presiding.

                  Experience the Cauldron’s Traditional Sing Thing, set to the Chakras. Enjoy the ecstatic edge of spirited communion.                    

Bring talismans and grounding stones for the altar. Additional offerings of beverage and food welcome.

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