Magickal Cauldron events are designed to immerse you in a time outside of time, where you can swim in your dreams, in the light and in the dark, learning the lessons your life is longing to teach you. 

Rooted in many spiritual traditions, we point the way to your unique and personal self.

Personal Growth on the Ecstatic Edge is being committed to a way of life that is engaged, fun, and soulful. You approach the edges of your comfort level in a safe container so that you can expand what you are able to experience in yourself and the world. Often we express only a fraction of our potential in life. The work of the Magickal Cauldron encourages, fosters, and challenges you to stretch your idea of yourself, and then helps you realize that potential. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you fit into the world in which you live. Learn how to accomplish the deeper work of your soul’s desire while experiencing the higher vibration of your spirit!

Check our Events page for information on upcoming gatherings.

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