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About Us

Our Mission

Personal Growth on the Ecstatic Edge

Magickal Cauldron, based in Northern California, is a non-profit religious, educational organization, publishing house, and mystery school. The Cauldron offers experiential events — Goddess Gather, Two-as-OneGod and Goddess Gather Together, and the Living Mysteries of Eleusis. The Cauldron also offers magical training, initiations, priesthood training and ordination.


Marylyn Motherbear Scott

High Priestess - Visionary Creatrix - Goddess-in-Chief

Magickal Cauldron

The Living Mysteries of Eleusis

Motherbear is the Founder and High Priestess of Magickal Cauldron. Ordained in the Church of All Worlds, the Temple of Ishtar, and the Fellowship of Isis, she is an elder Witch who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, inspiration and creativity to her magickal work. Motherbear, fondly known as the Poet-priestess, is published and has been a featured presenter in the Bay Area and many NoCA counties. Motherbear offers counseling, divination sessions and Rites of Passage — Birth, Blessing Way, Wedding, Death and Dying. She offers uniquely written personal rituals and ceremony for special occasions. Licensed by the State of California.

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  Lasara Firefox Allen

Lasara Firefox Allen

Founding Priestess 

Lasara Firefox Allen is an author, coach, educator, and activist. She is also a second generation, multiply ordained Pagan clergy member, and a family-traditions Witch, who is raising her children in the Pagan community. As a parent she works to instill sex-positive and body-positive values.

Lasara's book Sexy Witch is distributed internationally, and available in four languages.  Lasara regularly offers online courses, in-person workshops, and retreats on a range of topics; relationships, sexuality, parenting/family dynamics, media literacy & body-image, magick, and spirituality.

Married to the love of her life and mother to two amazing kids, Lasara and her family live in the wilds of northern California, and surround themselves with a community of loving souls.

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Durga Fulller

Durga Fuller

Founding Priestess 

Spiritual Counselor and Self-Care Midwife

Magickal Cauldron Board Member

Durga Fuller is a healer with a thriving private practice. An ordained minister, she counsels, writes, and leads workshops, groups, and rites of passage. Strongly intuitive and compassionate, she specializes in uncovering the blocks to self-care. She helps her clients bring more ease and comfort into the relationship with their body and stage of life, and, if necessary, make diet changes to optimize health or heal from chronic illness.

Durga is trained in Buddhist, Advaita Vedanta, Voice Dialogue, NLP, The Psychology of Eating, Reiki, Neo-Shamanic and Neo-Pagan modalities, as well as being solidly grounded in nutritional approaches to a variety of illness states and optimal health. She is also a passionate, professional cook. These trainings come together in a unique synergy, allowing her to meet her clients where they most need help, and participate fully in their process of healing.

While she works internationally by telephone and Skype, her office is in Portland, Oregon, in the backyard of the house where she lives with her husband and partner in self-realization, and her two amazing sons.

Are you ready for a truly human life?

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 Tom Fuller

Tom Fuller, MFT

Founding Priest

A High Priest of the Eleusinean Mysteries,

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Tom has run is own counseling business since 2003, incorporating insights from his studies in Buddhism, Gnostic Christianity and Earth Traditions. He  offers guidance to individuals and couples. Since moving in 2009, from California to Oregon, he also offers several men’s groups in Portland, strengthening the network for bringing forth the sacred masculine. He is married and the father of two boys.

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 Delta Doster, 

Founding Priestess 

Magickal Cauldron Secretary and Treasurer

Delta has co-created rituals and events with the Magickal Cauldron for 13 years.  She has a background in diverse traditions and has performed leadership roles with Reclaiming, Clarity Community,  and a variety of churches.  Delta is a regular presenter at West Sacramento Interfaith gatherings.  She is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Theology at a non-denominational seminary.  Delta has held management positions in the business world for over thirty years and serves on a number of national and regional boards.

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Magickal Cauldron is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization